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666 Problems That You Don't Want.

~Keep Running~

9 April
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You can call me Sari. I write a LOT of slash. Most of my stuff is unbeta'd. Sorry. I have a lot of personal problems so any updates could be slow. I ship (Supernatural)Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel. (Doctor Who) Ten/Rose. Ten/Jethro. Eleven/Rory. (Sherlock) John/Sherlock, Sherlock/Lestrade, Mycroft/Lestrade. (Scrubs) Dr. Cox/JD. (The Big Bang Theory) Penny/Sheldon. Sheldon/Leonard.

My Tumblr is castielandsherlockstolethetardis.tumblr.com and I use it a lot.

I love and live for music, it keeps me alive.

~I believe in a higher power with wings of The Lord who accepts EVERYONE~